NightShade screens
NightShade screens


for Mac

Dark mode on Steroids!

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Switch Quick

'Right Click' in your menu to switch between light and dark modes


Take Control

  • Switch to light mode on sunrise
  • Switch to dark mode when the sun sets
  • Intelligent switching - Don't switch if a switch happened in the last '10' minutes (configure this as you see fit)
  • Scheduled specific times to switch to dark or light mode
  • Start the app on login - because why wouldn't you always want to use this app?


Prefer a specific app in light or dark mode?

No problem. Add it here and we will switch to the appropriate mode.

Always want the mode you specify for an app regardless of the 'Don't auto switch' setting. Click always and you will be swtiched. Your wish is our command.


Software Update

  • Because bugs (hopefully not too many!)
  • Because new features? (ok I have a few ideas)
  • Because Sparkle-Project
  • Because signed by Apple
  • Because EdDSA (ed25519) signatures
  • Because trying to be a good Mac citizen
  • Because first Mac app in over ten years.
  • Because first, see because bugs!


We don't care about you!

Scratch that. Of course we do. That is why we don't collect any data about you or send anything to our servers!

No analytics, no data collection, EVER!

We use the Sparkle-Project for updates. We count the number of downloads per version. That's it!

5771 downloads since 16th October 2018